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Welcome to my new and improved website!

First of all, yes, I know new and improved is an oxymoron, however I am on a new server with improved functionality. I was finding I could not do what I wanted to do with the old system I was on. Plus I used this system to create the new Jewish Genealogy Society of Pittsburgh site and found it much more to my liking. Eventually I plan on upgrading my website to allow me to have my own personalized URL, so I apologize for its length.

Especially now, while I am unemployed, I plan on updating my blog more often - at least weekly.

In the top corner you will see four social media links - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. I plan on working on these regularly to share my blog posts, oddball thoughts, and tidbits. I tried to used the same username for all four but Twitter has a length limit and I can't update TikTok until the 17th of October.

Lastly I am considering starting my own genealogy research side gig and if I do, I will be using this site for that as well.

First up is to catch up on the #52Ancetors weekly challenge I had started at the beginning of the year and possibly some research updates.

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