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Below you will find what surnames I am researching and from what towns.  Eventually I will add some other Secondary and Tertiary surnames.

My paternal branches are mainly researched by my father, however I do help him from time to time, and eventually his research will become mine.

Surnames in Bold indicate my direct ancestral surnames

Maternal Grandfather – Harry Rothstein – His parents were Markus Rothstein from Tarnopol and Bertha/Bassie Tillinger from Stanislwow (now Ivano-Frankivisk) – both towns were at the time part of the the Austro-Hungarian province of Galicia, now they are in Ukriane.

Markus Rothstein’s side:

Krochmal – Zloczow, Tarnopol, Vienna, New York
Fruchtmann – Zbaraz, Tarnopol
Rothstein – see below
Seid – Tarnopol, Buenos Aires, Montreal
Bilker – Tarnopol
Kaczer – Grzymalow, Tarnopol
Sirkus – Zloczow, Tarnopol, Sasow
Broch – Tarnopol, Vienna

Goldbrumm – Tarnopol
Krochmal – see above
Heller – Tarnopol, Lviv, Vienna
Kostenband – Tarnopol
Schwarz – Tarnopol
Kostenblatt – Tarnopol

Rothstein – Brezovica Velekaya, Tarnopol, Vienna, New York, Pittsburgh
Krochmal – see above
Karmiol – Tarnopol, New York
Tillinger – see below
Cohen –
Maidaneck – Czernowitz
Schneeweiss/Snow/White – Rzeszow
Heitner – Monastyrszyska
Gellar – Ivanogorod
Kleinberg –
Cash –
Schwartz – Ghentea, New York, Candor

Bertha/Bassie Tillinger’s side:

Wachs – Brody
Mossler – Brody

Hirschhorn - Brody

Felig - Brody


Tillinger – Zabolotiv, Stanislwow, Vienna, New York, Rhode Island, San Francisco
Wachs – see above
Mihlstein – Stanislwow, Vienna, New York
Altmann – Vienna
Krampf – Vienna
Lilker – Mikulnice, Tarnopol, Rhode Island
Silber – Stanislwow
Rothstein – see above
Garfunkel – Rawa Ruska, Lviv, Vienna, New York

Maternal Grandmother – Judith Polak – Her parents were Alfred Polak of Tilburg, Netherlands and Seraphina van Cleeff of Rotterdam, Netherlands.  When dealing with this grandmother’s side I usually split my research between the Netherlands and Germany since her paternal grandmother came from Duisburg.  So I will be splitting this section in to the four grandparents of my grandmother.  In this section consider the surnames under Barend Polak, Jacob van Cleeff and Elisabeth Lob to all be direct ancestral.  I can go into more detail on my Dutch research upon request or may just do so on a separate page.

Alfred’s father Barend Polak’s side:

Polak – Amsterdam, Dordrecht, Tilburg
Frank – Hilversum, Dordrecht
Wijnberg – Weilersbach (GER), Eindhoven
Cohen – Dordrecht
Sluis – Dordrecht
Swelheim – Hilversum
Verbeek – Amiede

Seraphina’s father Jacob van Cleeff’s side:

van Cleeff – Cleves (GER), Amsterdam, Rotterdam
de Jongh – Rotterdam
Levisson – Leiden, Rotterdam
Huisman – Rotterdam
de Mets-Maarsen – Amsterdam, (possibly Mets, France)
Boas – Srem (Poland), Den Haag
Frankfort – Amsterdam
de Jong-Auerbach – Amsterdam
Levie-Content – Amsterdam
Charlevil – Amsterdam

Seraphina’s mother Elisabeth Lob’side:

Lob – Amsterdam
Theeboom – Amsterdam
Mooij – Amsterdam
de Jong-Rintel – Amsterdam
Kalker – Amsterdam
Benjamins – Amsterdam
van Rijn – Amsterdam
van Lier – Utrecht, Amsterdam


Alfred’s mother Albertina Levy’side:

Levy – Ruhrort, Duisburg, Tilburg
Mandel/Mendel – Elsdorf, Randerath, Duisburg, Erkelenz
Bernard – Elsdorf, Dulken
Benedict – Geilenkirchen, Randerath
Schonbrunn – Bedburg
Ochs – Cologne
Ehrenberg – Hamburg
Haas – Cleves
Levenbach – Weisweiler, Duisburg
Schnock – Monchengladbach
Rosen – Monchengladbach
Menken – Monchengladbach
Roer – Rolsdorf
Lucas – Warden, Winnipeg, London, Heerlen
Cohn – Monchengladbach
David – Monchengladbach
Salm – Linnich
Voss – Randerath
Gottschalk/Rothschild – Randerath
Polak – see above
Cohn – Muhlheim, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Buenos Aires, Na’an (Israel)
de Tokayer – Buenos Aires
Lehmann – Lengfeld
Sommer – Buenos Aires
van Leeuwen – Eindhoven (Netherlands)
Marcus – Weisweiler
Kaufmann  – Grevenbroich
Lowenbach – Duisburg
Ries – Duisburg
Steinberg – Hoxter
Orzegow – Cologne, Santiago
Blatt – Hottenbach
Josephs – Duisburg
Klestadt – Wuppertal
Gompertz – Ruhrort, Duisbrug
Franken – Issum, Dusseldorf
Hertz – Duisburg
Philip – Duisburg
Michel – Bruhl
Michels – Cleves
Schoenthal – Aurich

Paternal Grandfather  – Samuel Jaron – His parents were Karl/Kisel Yurovsky from Zolotonosha and Rose/Rizel Wernick.  Rose was Karl’s second wife.  His first wife was Maryasha Cheboterev from Kamenka.  It is possible there was some connection between Rose and Maryashsa so she is included.  (More to come soon)

Kisel Yurovsky/Karl Jaron’s side:

Yurovsky/Jaron – Zolotonosha, Cherkassy, Philadelphia
Levy/Machleder – see below
Finkel – Zolotonosha
Golinsky/Golen – Radomysl

Rizel/Rose Wernick’s side:

Wernick – Khudyaki
Tolchinksy/Tahl –
Olstacher –
Reich –
Goldstein –
Weinberg –
Axelrod –
Antonoff -Khudyaki
Smolensky/Smolen –
Zipper –
Feldgus –
Spivack –
Corson –
Snyder –
Levy/Machleder – see below
Stevens –

Maryasha Cheboterev’s side:

Cheboterev – Kamenka
Rubinowitz – Irkliiv
Chernagoff –
Sterling –
Axelrod –
Greenstein –
Raphael –

Paternal Grandmother – Reba Levy – Her parents were Maurice Machleder and Tillie Farbman both from Shereshov.

Maurice Machleder’s side:

Machleder/Marks/Levy – Shereshov
Yurovsky/Jaron – see above
Schneider/Silverblatt – Shereshov
Zuritsky – Shereshov
Levy –
Schweitzer/Svaicar – Shereshov
Sigman* – Shereshov
Serota –
Olkes – Shereshov

Tillie Farbman’s side:

Farbman – Shereshov
Yurovsky/Jaron – see above
Silverstein –
Gross –
Helfand –
Sigman* – Shereshov
Pomerantz/Thenes – Pruzhany District, Uyezd
Synn/Shenes – Shereshov

*Maurice and Tillie were second cousins sharing a pair of great grandparents

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