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Ancestor Photo Challenge

Every week Randy Seaver presents genealogists with a challenge. I participated a while ago in a DNA challenge he posed. This week his challenge involves ancestor photographs, which is one of my favorite things to collect along with BMD records and cousins.

How many ancestors do you have photographs of? What is your oldest ancestor photo (the year it was taken)?

I have a good number of ancestral photos however I chose 1 for each individual or couple based on what I have. I also did this a little different than Randy did.

Parents - Michael Jaron and Edna Rothstein

I have access to lots of pictures of my parents at various stages in their lives - however here is a scan of their wedding photo that my father had retouched as an anniversary gift a number of years ago.

Paternal Grandparents, etc - I will need to make a part two at some point after I track down what's available as I think different relatives have different things.

As my research has been focused on my maternal side all these years I have a number different photos of these ancestors at different stages in their lives.

Maternal Grandparents - Harry Rothstein and Judith Polak

Maternal Great Grandparents Left: Alfred Polak and Seraphina van Cleeff Right: Marcus Rothstein and Bertha/Bassie Tillinger

Maternal Second Great Grandparents Left to Right Top Row: Barend Polak, Albertina Levy, Jacob van Cleeff, Elisabeth Lob Bottom Row: Aron Tillinger, Hanna Wachs/Mossler, Jozef Rothstein, Laura/Lea Krochmal

Maternal Third Great Grandparents - it as this generation that don't have a complete set so to speak. I know who 15 of my 16 maternal third great grandparents are however I only have photographic evidence of five.

Keetje Benjamins (1827-1913) - My great aunt Adah sent me this scan of Keetje. I believe it is a a copt of a copy based on the quality. At some point I am hoping my mother's cousin pulls out the copy Adah had and we can make a better determination as to the origins of this picture.

Moses Levy (1814-1890) and Regina Mendel (1821-1909)

Andries Polak (1817-1902) and Roosje Frank (1809-1905)


That is all I have as far as my direct ancestors - however thanks to a sixth cousin I have access to a photo of a painting of Regina Mendel's father Andries' brother August Mendel. August was born in 1787 and died in 1862.

As is that isn't cool enough - thanks to some cousins through another branch I was sent a copy of a photo of Moshe Levy's father Gompel's brother David Levy born in either 1778 or 1799 (not sure about the year of birth disparity yet...)

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