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Tuesday 5.10.2011 – A long walk, A museum, and some records

Today was “Jew Day” in the Vienna leg of our trip, though we did go to a church first.  The church we went to was St. Stephen’s Cathedral.  My mom wanted to go in to take pictures of the architecture.  The south tower is one of the tallest points in the city and we decided to climb the about 260 step winding staircase to the top.  After we took pictures and went back down we headed off to Judenplatz to check out the museum that was open.  The one we went went to was a little sparse but did give a little glimpse of the history of Jews in Vienna.  We then went to the Jewish Archives where I was able to get some Birth, Marriage, and Death information on various ancestors.  Hopefully when I get home I can e-mail them and try to get some more information.

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