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Tracing Tillingers: prelude

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

Taking a small break from the #52Ancestors challenge - will be switching between this and that and maybe some other things.


So as I have mentioned in previous posts my maternal paternal 2nd great grandmother's name was Bertha (Bassie) Tillinger born on August 28, 1893 in what was then known as Stanislwow (Stanislau) in the Austrian Crownland of Galicia. Stanislwow is now known as Ivano-Frankivsk. For geographic reference Galicia was comprised of Western Ukraine and Eastern Poland. My ancestors from that area were from the Ukraine side, however researching those ancestors is different than researching my father's Ukrainian side. But I can go into that another time. After feeling like I had reached a logical stopping point with my German ancestors from North Rhine-Wesphalia and Koln, Germany, I decided to work deep dive all of the Tillingers from Bertha's city as well as the surrounding areas. Over the years, since 2007, I had acquired various pieces of information regarding both my known Tillinger relatives, as well as other possible relatives that were also from the same area. As of this writing I have seven and half separate trunks that I have been working on figuring out how they all fit. DNA testing has helped, but because of endogamy and the distance of the closest probable ancestor it is only a tool and not the determining factor.

Subsequent posts will describe each of those 7 and half trunks and how I think they fit.

First up is the branch I know best, that of my 2nd great grand father Aron Moshe Tillinger, son of Dawid.

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