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Tracing Tillingers: Mystery Branch #5 - Hersch Tillinger

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

My fifth mystery branch is that of Hersch Tillinger and his wife Leia. Together they had three children that I am aware of - Alte r Priwe Male, Nussin, and Moses. Like with Dawid Samuel I had use birth records to determine the connections of the three siblings with Hirsch and Leia. Based on the births of his grandchildren I would assume that Hersch died before 1876. I have thus far been unsuccessful in tracing their descendants beyond their great grandchildren

Alte r Priwe Male Tillinger - Based on her death record from 1901 she was born around 1829 and appears to have lived in Rudniki. She was married to Moses Alter Peisach and they had 3 children I know about.

Aron, who was married twice. His fist wife was Friede Grief and their have five children - Baruch Ber, Hersch, Lea, Mendel, and Nussen. His second wife was Fryma Bleiman and they had two children - Markus (married Emilia Gewurz) and Bencyon.

Dawid was married to Kojne Schwitz and they had 4 children - Etie (married Jakob Samson Thau), Dworje Ruchel, Hersch, Abraham Hersch.

Their third child was Shmuel and that is all I know at this time.

Nussin Tillinger - It appears the Nussin was born around 1835 based on his death record in 1885. He was married to Scheine Eige Kramer and they had four children. Nussin and it's variants seems to be a common name across accross a number of TIllinger branches, all having been born after this Nussin's death which to me is evidence of a connection among the known and mystery branches.

Hersch was married to Itte Chaje Reisner and they had one child, Basie.

Naftale was married to Hinde Gruber and they had 3 children - Natan, Efroim and Herman

Selde Tillinger was married to Moses Singer and they had one child, Nusin

Etie Reise was married to Josel Eisenkraft and they had one child Marjem Jente

Moses Tillinger - I have thus far been unable to find this Moses' death record or marriage record to be able to determine his year of birth. I was able to determine that he was married to Rachel Glasberg and they had six children - Wigdor, Hersch (m. Freide Schmidt and they had a daughter Scheine Eide), Schmiel Sussie, Lea (m. Mordko Birnberg and they had two children Josel and Nison), Nussin, and Mendel (m. Chaje Stettner and one child Mordko Leib).


Based on naming conventions I believe there is a connection between this branch and the other branches I have been working on, I just have not found it yet.


Coming Soon: Osias and Gerschon Tillinger

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