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Tracing Tillingers: Mystery Branch #4 - Dawid Samuel Tillinger

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

This and the next few "Mystery Branches" will more than likely not be in the same format as the previous ones. They are the results of my doing my due dillegenre in researching all of the Tillingers in than Stanislwow area.


Dawid Samuel Tillinger - I don't know a lot about Dawid, what I do know is actually based on the death record of his son Alter r (recte) Menachem Mendel Rafael Tillinger. Based on the age of his son I estimate that he was born around 1805 and the death record also mentions his wife Ruchel. I have thus far however been unable to determine if Dawid had other children.

Alter r Menachem Mendel Rafael Tillinger - Based on his death record (1901) in Kolomea, Menachem was born around 1825, possibly in Rudniki. He was married to Chaje Eisenthal and they had four children that I am aware of - Ettel, Rifke, David Samuel, and Judel. Chaje was born around 1826 and died in 1904. Unfortunately there are no available marrige records for his children however since I was looking all records in the area I was able to use the birth records of his grandchildren to make the connections.

Ettel Tillinger - Ettel was married to an Abraham Dawd Regenstreif and they had seven children - Uscher, Freide, Leib, Beile, Izaak, Szymon, and Ester. I have had minor success with Freide's branch. I know she married Mechel Zwecher and they had five children - Chaje (married Rachmiel Leib Gartenlaub), Pesia Lea (married Samuel Wolf Siegler), Paja, Roza, and Beila. Ettel's daugher Beile however I had some better success with. She married Israel Minzer and they had two children - Sara who was born in Kolomyya and Ida who was born in Dayton, Ohio. One of Sara's descendants has taken a DNA test however I have yet to successfully make contact with any of Sara or Ida's family. But never say say never.

Rifke Tillinger - Rifke was married to a Josel Blecher and they had seven children - Chane, Leib, Benjamin, Jutte (married to Wigdor Nagler), Abram, Feige, and Jacob. A few things of note. This is one of two Blecher's that married Tillingers, the other married into a different mystery branch. Wigdor might be related to Rachel Nagler who married the previously mentioned Jakub Tillinger.

Dawid Samuel - Like with Rifke I have had little luck tracing his descendants beyond his children. Dawid Samuel was married to a Rifke Hisler and they had nine children - Hersch Ber, Leib, Sosia, Belcia, Paja, Izak, Jetti, Aleksander, and Ester.

Judel - This branch is actually a fairly recent and accidental find. I was looking at the GeneaSearch database to search for Tillingers in Czernowitz on a whim and found Judel, his wife Lea and their eight children. I was able to acquire Judel and Lea's marriage record which confirmed his parents as Rafael Tillinger and Chaje Eisenthal from Kolomyya. Their children were Lusic, Philipp Markus, Fanni, Rebeka, Ernestine, Emanuel, Clara/Chaya, and Gustav. I still need to do some digging on this branch as well as other Tillingers I found in that database.

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