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Tracing Tillingers: Mystery Branch #1 David, Israel and Sigmund

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

So back back in 2012 when I was looking at the Yad Vashem Victims Database for my great grandmother's sister Ernestyna and her husband Israel I came across Page of Testimony an at the time unfamiliar Israel Tillinger. While this Israel's wife was listed as Nina at the time I was hopeful that this was either mistake or an alternate name. I managed to find a descendant who was able to give me a little more information. At the time she mentioned Israel had two siblings David and Sigmund and that they were from Kolomea as well as some other information about living relatives. About a month later she shared with me that David, Israel, and Sigmund had 7-9 other siblings. One of which went to Berlin where he changed his surname to Nagler (his mother's maiden name) and became a pimp. Additionally the family was furriers. I have subsequently discovered more throughout this most recent round of research.

Jakub Tillinger - Jakub, I recently discovered, is the patriarch of this branch due to Bad Arolsen releasing scans from their archives. Specifically David's Displaced Person's Registration Card. On it is lists his father as Jakub and his mother as Rachel/Ruchla Nagler. From what I was told a number of Naglers married different Tillingers. Beyond this I don't really knw much about Jakub nor have I been able to figure out where he and his descendants fit in my puzzle.


David Tillinger - According to various records I have found David was born in 1892 in Gliewitz, Silesia, Poland/Germany. I so far have been unsuccessful in finding his birth or marriage record but from what other information I have found he married Berta Reisel(er) and they had two children born in (or near) Kolomea - Malvina (b. 1920) and Frieda (b. 1930). According to the previously mentioned DP card after the war he was going to go to Tehran where his brother Sigmund was living. It also says that he was in Auschwitz.

Oddly even though I was told they were born in in Kolomea Frieda's DP card also says she was born in Gliewitz.

So I am a little confused.

It was one of his descendants I first contacted and have since found another that took a DNA test.


While I was searching the Bad Arolsen Archives I also come across the previously mentioned brother who changed his name, Max Nagel. It seems David sent a tracing request for Max (b. 1894). In it Max is listed as having been born in Berezow/Kolomea. Apparently he left Kolomea in 1915 and last news from him in Berlin was in 1942. Additionally he apparently gave some sort of notice of departure to Aachen in 1939 with the intention to immigrate to Palestine. As there was no subsequent trance it as assumed that he was taken by the Gestapo and deported to the East. A subsequent search on the Yad Vashem Database informed me he was sent to Auschwitz in 1943 under the name Markus Tillinger.


Sigmund Tillinger - According to Sigmund's marriage record from 1930 in Berlin to Anna Marie Frida Gay he was born in Berezow near Kolomea in 1899. At some point after 1930 they moved to Iran and had two children - Thea (b. 1932) and Joachim (b.1938). I have been successful in tracing their descendants, however I have not contacted them, one of whom has taken a DNA test.


I have thus far been unsuccessful in figuring out exactly where this branch fits in my puzzle, but one day I will.


Up next Zalman Tillinger and his descendants

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