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Sunday 5.8.2011 – Meeting More Family

Today we spent the day with some cousins on the Tillinger side of my mother’s family.  This will be the fifth family group on my maternal grandfather’s side I’ll have met in person where on my maternal grandmother’s side I have met about 8 or 9 different family groups so this in itself was exciting for me.  Anyway, first thing we did after Oskar and his father in law picked us up was go across town to see the place where my great grandfather’s general store was as well has where he, my great grandmother, grandfather, and great aunt lived.  Unfortunatley the front has been changed drastically from the old pictures we have of it and it is now a dentist office and karate studio.  After we took some pictures in front of what would have been his store we headed to the Jewish cememtery so I could try to find some headstones which would hopefully help in my research, however as with Muiderburg we were unable to find the stones I was looking for though I did get a picture of a stone for a Rothstein cousin as well as some other stones that I need to look into.  We then headed to Oskar’s for lunch with the family which also happened to be a birthday gathering for my 3rd cousin Paul.  Lunch lasted about three hours as we all sat around talking about ourselves and just having a nice time.  Afterwards one of Oskar’s daughters had to go to her football match and we took a family picture to commemorate the meeting.  After some more sitting around we went to Oskar’s office where he showed us what family tree gems he had uncovered which confirmed a few things I already knew and added to that knowledge as well.  I also added to what he had.  We then took a walk to the Hapsburg Royal family’s summer palace which is now a park and museum.  It was huge.  After walking around the grounds taking pictures we headed back to Oskar’s and then home.  I did try to make plans with Paul and Lena to go to a karaoke bar so we will see how that works out.

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