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Saturday 4.30.11- Goodbye Tilburg, Hello Queens Day / Day 3

Today was our last day in Tilburg as well as the last day we would spend with Adah, Alfred, Yair, and Ronit.  Since my mother and I missed visiting the cemetery on Thursday we went this morning to pay our respects to the five family members buried there.  It took us a little to find the cemetery as it is well hidden.  Then we had to find the specific gravestones we were looking for, which we did.  It was very nice to be able to see the burial sites for 1 set of 2nd great grandparents, 1 of my great grandparents, the 1st wife of my 2nd great uncle, and for 1 of my 3rd great uncles.  After the cemetery we had lunch and waited around until we all took a cab to Amsterdam.  After we got settled in to our rooms my self, my mother, her sister, and her cousin all went into central Amsterdam to “experience” Queen’s Day.  Basically we walked around, watched the people around us make fools them selves and had dinner at this Argentinian restaurant.  The food was good, not as spicy as I expected, but good.  After dinner we walked around some more and as a “surprise”  we walked over to the red light district.  However in my opinion you can see “more” for free on the internet if you know where to look and most of the windows were empty.  Queen’s Day did remind  me of a cross between St. Patrick’s Day and Mardi Gras.  After some more walking around we headed back to the hotel.

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