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Missing Mosslers and Wanted Wachs

As I have mentioned in previous posts my 2nd great grandfather, Aron Moshe Tillinger, was married to Henzie/Hanna Ettel Wachs (or Wax) from the town of Brody. According to her passport from 1930 she was born around 1863 in Brody, however birth records for this year in Brody do not exist so I have no documentation.

Up until receiving her passport application I had no idea that she was from Brody. According to a marriage index for the town of Stanislwow she married Aron on March 28, 1888. Unfortunately this year is is part of range of years for which the actual records are missing, which again makes documentation difficult. This document also would have listed not just her parents, but Aron's as well. I do know who his father is but his mother is a mystery.

Anyway, together with Aron they had seven children and thankfully the mother's parents are listed on each of their birth records. Normally this would be straightforward however for some unknown reason each birth record lists Hanna's parents a little inconsistently as shown below:

This has led to a bit of a challenge when trying to find her parents in the records for Brody that are available. Assuming her father was born in Brody, the Gesher Galicia Database has the following number possibilities: Wolf - 0, Abraham - 1, and Ber - 3 one of which died as a child so that leaves 2. On her passport her father is listed as Wolf Wachs. Another issue I am running into is that there is no Wolf/Ber/Abraham listed in the 1850-1857 Brody census records.

Her mother Ruchel has been a little easier to try to figure out. I found one (Etie) Ruchel Mossler who might be Hanna's mother. Assuming Ruchel was from Brody there is only one Ruchel Mossler born at the right time listed in the birth records that are available. I am only speculating from here on, Etie Ruchel, as it seems her name was at birth, was born on March 31, 1831 to Israel Mossler and Chaie Hirschhorn and she was the last of 10 children as Chaie died when Ruchel was two months old. Israel would go on to marry Chaie's sister Feige and they had 11 children. Of those 21 children, it seems 10 lived to adulthood and of those 10 I managed to track the descendants of one to Canada. I have not reached out though since the relationship it too far distant and I am not entirely sure that they would know anything definite.

From what little more I have been able to find out Israel was the son of Juda and Ester Jitte and had two siblings - Hirsch and Simon. Chaie and Feige were the daughters of Marcus and had 3 other siblings - Rosa, David, and Czarne. I have not really researched their siblings since I am not 100% sure I have the right people.

While at this time records for Brody in the 1800 are limited compared to some of the other areas I am researching I am hopeful that more records will be found in the future.

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