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#FamilyTree365 – Day 39 October 9, 2016

#FamilyTree365 – Day 39 October 9, 2016

The wife of the previously mentioned Bernard Mendel was Veronika/Veronique Davids.  She was born in Huls around 1779 to Salomon Davids and Matgen Meyer.  What I find interesting about her is she might the aunt of the previously mentioned Regina Mendel’s sister-in-law Rosetta Kaufmann.  Veronika’s sister Jeanette was married to Moses Kaufmann and they lived in Wevelinghoven which is where Rosetta was from.  They had a daughter named Rosetta and one of Rosetta and Markus’ children was named Jeanette.

I plan on getting Rosetta’s birth record soon which will hopefully clear somethings up.  However this is very interesting and makes sense that two sisters and a cousin of their cousin (Rosetta is not a cousin of Regina and Henriette from what I can tell) married three brothers.

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