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#FamilyTree365 – Day 26 September 26, 2016

#FamilyTree365 – Day 26 September 26, 2016

I missed yesterday because I was watching and yelling at the presidential debates.

I am going to go with a theme for the next bunch of postings – notable living family members.

B mondo01.JPG

Robert “Rusty” Stevens is my father’s first cousin and is the son of my grandfather’s sister Sue/Sophie Jaron and Harry Stevens.  He is notable for being Beaver’s friend Larry Mondello on the show Leave It To Beaver, appearing in 68 episodes throughout 1957 and 1960.  After 1960 he appeared on other shows before moving to Philadelphia where the Jaron clan lived.  In 1983 he reprised his role as Larry Mondello in the 1983 made for tv movie and for three episodes of The New Leave It To Beaver.

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