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#FamilyTree365 – Day 16 September 16, 2016

#FamilyTree365 – Day 16 September 16, 2016

Part three of my four parter

Yesterday and the day before I posted about Maier and Schulim Krochmal.  Today I will write a little about Schulim’s wife and Maier’s wife Jente Golde Schapira.

Jente Golde was born to Marcus Schapira and Chane Reisel in the town of Hinowice.  At some point before 1880 she married Schulim and in 1880 their son Maier was born.  He would be their only child before divorcing.

At some point before 1884 she married Chaskel Dawid Reiser from Zloczow and they had four children – Chajm, Feige, Isak, and Dwore.  Unfortunately at this time I know nothing more about their family however there is a point to posting about her.

It is possible Jente actually has two Pittsburgh connections.

According to a great grandson of Maier, Jente was supposedly connected to the Schapira/Shapira family that currently owns Giant Eagle.   I am still trying to confirm this since their Shapira’s were from Pomoryany, which is about 11 miles away from Hinowice.

The other Pittsburgh connection is more of a personal one.  While living in Stanton Heights my grandparents, mom, and aunts lived two doors down from a Reiser family.  Upon further research because my aunt thought she remembered her friend saying they were connected to Krochmal’s, I found that the neighbor’s grandfather was from Zloczow, like the above mentioned Chaskel Dawid.  I am still working on figuring out any familial connection.

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