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End of 2016 Family Tree Stats and Updates

Hello All,

So first off, obviously I failed in my personal #FamilyTree365 challenge.  I will have to come up with something more doable.

So this past year I have made some great strides in my research, especially on my German branch.  Upon reviewing some microfilms from the LDS as well as some books and websites I subsequently found I was able to add about 1000 people to my tree.  I also managed to find some things for some in-law branches and non-related tress that I am looking at.  I also go some answers to some of my dead ends and will update that page accordingly.

And now for some numbers –

Back to my 14th great grandparents of whom I know of one, I know who a total 350 out of a possible 131070 are.  That does not take into account the 5 sets of know duplicate ancestors.  After tree collapse 131070 drops down to 126504.

Beyond my 14th great grandparents is speculation as far as I know.  Some of my collaborators on Geni have my ancestry going back to about 100AD.  If this is accurate my two oldest known ancestors  through Rashi (supposedly my 27th and 28th great grandfather) are –

41st great grandfather – Meshullam Kalonymides 740-780 42nd great grandfather – Yehoshua Zimri (earliest recorded ancestor of Rashi) birth estimated around 100 AD

Since the connection between what I can prove and what I cannot is not sourced (yet) I don’t count it as part of my statistics.  But it is interesting to think about and gives myself and others something to look at.

I am complete as far back as my 2nd great grandparents.  I am missing 7 out 32 3rd great grandparents.  Six are on my father’s side and one is on my mother’s side.  My father’s side will always be the most difficult for me.  The one on my mother’s side I have a chance of actually finding if I ever find the right birth, marriage or death record in Zabolotov, Kolomyya, or Stanislwow.

At my fourth great grandparents I have my first instance of pedigree or tree collapse.  Of my 29 known fourth great grandparents, one set appears twice on my father’s side.  Of 62 possible 4th great grandparents (not 64 since I have one duplicate set) I have 29 so I am missing 33 individuals.  This makes me my own fifth cousin.

From my 5th to my 8th great grandparents I have no known tree collapse.  But taking into account previous tree collapse my numbers are not base 4.

5th Great grandparents – I have 34 and missing 90 6th Great grandparents – I have 47 and missing 201 7th Great grandparents – I have 42 and missing 454 8th Great grandparents – I have 50 and missing 942

At my 9th great grandparents I have 3 sets + 1 of duplicate ancestors.  All 3 sets areWrite on my mother’s side.  The extra 1 is because one known ancestor is also my 10th great grandparent.  This makes me my own 10th cousin three times as well as my own 10th cousin once removed.  So to keep the number crunching going –

9th Great grandparents – I have 50 and missing 1927 10th Great grandparents – I have 21 and missing 3932

At my 11th-14th Great grandparents I have nothing spectacular to report.

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